Dedicated to Transforming
Your Furry Friend

Specializing in Compassionate and Effective
Dog Behaviour Training and Boarding

Dedicated to Transforming
Your Furry Friend

Specializing in Compassionate and Effective Dog Behaviour Training and Boarding

A man walking two dogs on a leash.

Expert Dog Training and Rehabilitation

At BOSS Co Dog Training & Rehabilitation, we understand that every dog is unique, and we're here to unlock their full potential through expert training and compassionate care. Led by Brett Young, our seasoned Behaviour Specialist with over a decade of experience, we specialize in creating well-behaved, happy dogs. We service Stratford, Woodstock, London, and surrounding areas. From obedience training to behaviour modification and rehabilitation, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your furry friend's needs.

Why Choose Us?

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    Experienced Team: Our skilled trainers are passionate about understanding your dog's unique needs and behaviours.

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    Proven Results: With a track record of success and countless satisfied clients, we know how to create positive behaviour change.

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    Holistic Approach: We take a holistic approach to dog training, addressing emotional well-being and building trust with your pet.

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    Convenient Options: Whether you prefer in-home services or want to visit our training facility in Embro, Ontario, we offer flexible options to meet your needs.

Boarding and Care at Boss Dawg Lodge

When you can't be with your furry friend, trust Boss Dawg Lodge for top-quality boarding services in Embro, Ontario. With in 20 min to Ingersoll, Stratford, St Mary’s, Woodstock and a short 12 min off the 401, our boutique luxury accommodations and personalized care ensure a stress-free stay for your pet and peace of mind for you.

Why Choose Boss Dawg Lodge?

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    Comfort and Safety: Your pet's comfort and safety are our top priorities.

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    Tailored Care: We offer personalized attention to meet your pet's individual needs.

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    Positive Reinforcement: We believe in the power of positive reinforcement training.

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    Peace of Mind: With experienced staff and comprehensive care options, your pet is in good hands.

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    Ease of Use: Our client portal allows for easy online booking that can be accessed through our customer App or our Online portal. This allows you to include all details about your pet, access your reservations, change and modify your bookings, provides access your invoice, make payments online and a Doggy Report Card that provides a daily update on your pet and their day.

We address behaviour issues like aggression, anxiety, pulling on leash and more. Our specialized programs help your dog overcome challenges, build confidence, and thrive.

Does your pup need some extra attention and playtime during the day? Our Day Boarding Program provides supervised outdoor fun for a balanced and happy dog.

Our overnight boarding offers a luxurious stay with personalized care, spacious suites, and tailored exercise sessions. Trust us to provide a safe and enjoyable experience.


Schedule a FREE consultation today and start your journey towards a well-trained, happy dog. Remember, a well-trained dog is a reflection of a strong bond between human and canine. Let us help you build that bond!

Thank you for considering Boss Co Dog Training & Rehabilitation for your dog's training and boarding needs. We can't wait to welcome your pup into our pack!


Kelly W

"Brett has been an amazing teacher to me and my fearful/anxious/aggressive dog, Toby. During each session, Toby and I learn and grow significantly. He is honest and authentic, and I feel safe in trusting his instruction. I am excited to continue working with Brett on Toby's rehabilitation."

Harleen Singh

"Brett Was Amazing With Our Dog Loki and Turned Him Into a Changed Dog Within 35 Minutes! He Was So Informative and Helped Us Understand Our 3-year-old Pomsky’s Assertive Behaviour and How to Correct It Positively. We Can’t Wait to Work With Brett Further and See the Impact He’s Left on Loki!"

Ashley B

"I Reached Out to Brett as I Was Concerned My 1 Yr Old American Bully Was Becoming Leash Reactive With Other Dogs. After 1 Session With Brett, I Feel Much Better About My Relationship With My Dog. His Behaviour is Night and Day and I Am Much More Confident Walking Him and Passing Other Dogs Now as I Have Been Provided Tools and Knowledge to Manage Him in a More Effective Manner and Set Us Up for Success. I Am Super Excited to Continue Working With Brett and Bring My Dog to a High Level of Obedience"

Tina Donati

"I Am Beyond Grateful to Have Found Brett at Boss Co, Who Has Transformed Not Only My Dogs' Lives but Mine as Well.

When I First Brought My Puppy Home, I Was Overwhelmed With Stress and Anxiety. Integrating a New Puppy Into a Household With an Older Dog That Had Aggression Issues Was a Big Challenge. I Found Myself Constantly Worrying About the Puppy's Development and My Older Dog's Behaviour, and I Began to Doubt My Capabilities as a Dog Owner. I Was Extremely Hard on Myself.

Everything Changed When Brett Stepped in. In Just One Month, He Turned Our Lives Around.

My Older Dog, Despite Being 11 and Set in His Ways, Has Become Significantly Less Reactive. This Change Alone Has Been a Huge Relief, but We Are Not Stopping There; Brett Continues to Work With Us, Dedicating His Expertise to Further Improve My Dog's Behaviour.
My Puppy Has Also Transformed Into a Calmer, Less Reactive, and More Confident Dog Around Strangers. But the Most Remarkable Change Has Been in Me—i Have Become a Confident Dog Owner.

The Relief of Having My Dogs Get Along Both at Home and Out on the Streets is Indescribable. Brett's Expertise in Teaching Me How to Read and Respond to Each of My Dogs' Unique Needs Has Been Invaluable. We Are Now All Having a Great Time Together, Living a Stress-free Life. I Cannot Express Enough How Grateful I Am for Brett's Guidance and the Positive Impact He Has Had on Our Lives.

To Anyone Struggling With Their Pets, Feeling Overwhelmed, or Simply Seeking to Improve Their Relationship With Their Furry Family Members, I Cannot Recommend Brett Highly Enough. His Expertise, Patience, Understanding, and Passion for Your Pet's Well-being Go Above and Beyond."

Melanie Gies

"Brett was amazing with my puppy and was super knowledgeable on the psychology of a dog and how they think. He taught me a lot and I feel much more confident in training my puppy! He had a fabulous presence with my puppy and was definately the right choice!"

Ryan St. Pierre

"We Had Our First Training Session Today With Brett, and All I Can Say is Wow! With Now 3 Dogs in Our Home, (and Lacking the Tools to Guide Them Successfully), It Has Been Extremely Stressful. In Just Two Short Hours, Not Only Did Brett Explain the Behaviours Thoroughly, but Also Corrected in Real Time With Ease. I Honestly Didn’t Know How We Were Going to Continue Before Today, but Now I Have Hope, and Tools to Continue Training Them. We Will Be Working With Brett Over the Next While to Cement Appropriate Structure, and Balance. Thank You So Much Brett, This is Literally Going to Be Life Changing for Our Us, Our Pups, and Our Home. 🙏"

Michelle R.

Life Changing!
We Were Dealing With All Sorts of Behaviour Issues With Our 2 Large Bread Dogs. From Excessive Barking, Aggressive Behaviour, Running Away Etc. In 1.5 Hr of Working With Brett We Saw Massive Changes.

Isaura Barbosa Dantas

Met Brett Today and He Was Amazing With Our Lucy! Just Two Hours and We Already See So Much Learned Lessons. Thanks Brett for Treating Our Baby With Love and Compassion! Highly Recommend!

J Smith

Brett Was Just Amazing. So Helpful in Helping Me Understand My Dogs Behaviour and Giving Me the Tools to Help Her Along. Also Let Me Know He Was There to Support Me if I Need Further Help, Instruction.

Julie Walters

It Was Just a Assessment but, I Am Choosing Boss Co. Reason for My Decision, Very Professional, Extremely Honest About My Dogs Behaviour and How to Fix His Issues. No Oh He Needs This and That Extras.